Friday, June 01, 2007

Don't Just Act Grown, Be Grown.


I don't read movie reviews or book reviews.
I simply go to movies based on the actor, director or the buzz from homies.


Granted, some reviews slip through the cracks from the village voice or the news, but them sh*ts aren't a deciding factor for me.

Critics are haters.


I go Barnes and Nobles to browse books, one of my FAV-O-RITE dates conmigo, I pick up a book, turn to a random page and read.

Or I check the t.o.c. and pick a chapter based on the title and read.
This has had interesting affects.

I recently did this w/
the Art of Loving by Eric Fromm.

During spring break I re-read, The Art of War and I Read the Art of Loving.<<<**Tells you a lot about baby gurl hunh!?!??!?!?

Chapter 3
Theory of Love
page 41
"Eventually the mature person has to come to the point where he is his own mother and father. He has, as it were, a motherly and fatherly conscious. Motherly conscious says: "There is no misdeed, no crime which could deprive you of my love, of my wish for your life and happiness." Fatherly conscious says" You did wrong, you cannot avoid accepting certain consequences of your wrong doing, and most of all you must change your ways if I am to like you."

The mature person has become free from the outside mother and father figures, and has built them up inside.


Ummm. Biggie War Management.



neo said...

LOL: "you're troublemakers, the wu-tang clan"

this clip was priceless yo..

M.Dot. said...


i saw it on the big screen <<<<<**** big nerd.

Jim Jarm---MOOOSH.
"Cafe y Cigarillos".

texas truth said...

I never knew anything about this joint until i found it while running through the "On Demand" list, and it looked interesting.

Jarmusch? Really...

From IMDB:

Because they are very health-conscious, RZA and Genius/GZA do not drink coffee. So they are drinking tea in the film.

This film was made over a 17-year period. The Roberto Benigni and 'Steven Wright' segment was filmed in 1987. The Tom Waits and Iggy Pop segment was shot in 1992.

M.Dot. said...

Jarmoosh= Nutty.

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