Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hip Hop Don't Luv the Kids.


This is the kinda song, I would wanna watch and enjoy,
but it should be
for black eyes only on
BET:The Ignorant Hour.

There is something about the video that I find entertaining,
but at the same time I don't want the world to see. Like
that family reunion video you break out on Thanksgiving night
after all the long distant relatives have went to sleep or home.

Sometimes I wanna keep
guilty pleasures/ negro dirty laundry tiiuuuuyt.

Its not the kinda song I would want my boss to catch
me bumping in my office. But then most the sh*t
I rep I can't bump around peers or a boss.

See Beware over at Gotty's house posted on A, Bay Bay,
and how THE VIDEO makes people like it and I agree.

I like it too.

I don't get all high brow, like f*ck laffy taffy and what not.

My issue is with the baby at the begining.

You think its harmless right?

I say no.

It reminds me of how many of us got lil, cousins,
and nephews, bro's and sisters,
and they know ALL the lyrics to
every f-cking 106 and
Park video but cannot write a legible, coherent paragraph.

Smell me?

Seeing as "Ah Bay Bay" is something you say in the
club, I was reminded of this girls organization that has teenage

girls going around Brooklyn this summer to raise awareness
around women getting harassed in the street. Chloe Hilliard has
an article in this weeks Voice about the organization, she reports:

The girls say that besides words, the men sometimes throw whatever they can get their hands on: cans, glass bottles, garbage cans. In Latosha's case, it was a brick. "I was walking with some friends and this guy tired to talk to us," said Belton, 17. "We didn't respond and just when we got a few feet away, a brick comes flying over our heads."

All of them agree that they get the worst treatment on Brooklyn's busiest streets, like Fulton Street, where their offices are located.

Joanne Smith is the founder of the volunteer-run youth development organization, Girls for Gender Equity. Their main goal is to provide young girls and women with skills and self-esteem to succeed. "The reality of street harassment has to be a conversation," Smith says. "I'm Haitian and where we are based there is a large West Indian community. In this culture there are no words to explain what sexual harassment is and why it's wrong."

Walking down the street.

'Specially in the summer time you can get anything from:

1. "Excuse me Miss."

2. "Hey Princess." Pronounced Pa-Ren-Cess.

3. Or my favorite. "Slim, Slim, Slim."<<---Like n*ggas
is cheering me in a race.

4. Hey Gorgeous.

I was in Bedstuy walkin' to Dekka's last week to Watch ALL THE SOPRANO's in
in ONE sitting<<<---A beast.

And a jawn was like, "Ma, your beautiful" and there was a level
of sincerity and reverence in his voice that was flattering.

But. Those instances are far and few inbetween.

They be more like:

"Psst. Pssst. Psssst."

"God Bless you Ma."

"Can I have some of that?" <<<----If I happen to be enjoying a coldstone.

Today is the furst day of summer and the solstice.


I need to call this week, "In the Gristle" because between
that Chicken and Steak post, Pac piece,
the Feminist Vixen piece<<<---thats kinda hot lol,
this post, I BEEN in the Gristle on mine.

Smell me?



neo said...

I think we've all become inundated to like these types of songs, after much repetition and of course the added video touch, the contagious and catchy hooks..which are repetitive and on purpose too, its hard not to have your feet tapping or your head nodding.

All that aside the song is trash, we realize its trash but will it bang in the cluuuhb? Prolly will and if a chick gon' give a dude back - game over.

It's weird but we humans know how to zone out stuff we know is just not good and take it anyway. I mean we know the McDiesel ain't good for our hearts but we howngry, we howngry..

Anonymous said...
I see you out here. Puttin in work.

read the pac piece and I was impressed.
Consider yourself RSS'd up.
Keep doin ya thang.

M.Dot. said...

but we howngry, we howngry..

8:41 PM


Im houngray.

B*tch needs a date.<<---wants thai food.

Oooo them little salads w/ the peanut sauce. Delish.

M.Dot. said...

Hi T.

Apparently WE cousins so, MUAH!

Thanks for the rss-izzle's.

M.Dot. said...

Oh and Neo.

You hatin.

neo said...


Y'een neva came daahn souf and been called, 'ay, beybey, ay beybey' my 20 dudes whilst walking down campus have you?

I mean homegirls have told me the horra

BeautyinBaltimore said...

A fellow black blooger started a street harasment blog I will give you the blog address in a minute.

BeautyinBaltimore said...

thats the link.

M.Dot. said...

Ay bay bay.

Man Lissen.

If you seen somma tha outfits I wear, Lets just say that I get "my share" of innappropo comments.

That why the swag be so daggone wide.

its n*gga repellent<<---Can I trademark that.
Wait I know the answer to that.
Actually no.
Its disparaging to Negros. LOL.

M.Dot. said...

Thank you BIB

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