Thursday, June 07, 2007

What does the NFL and General Motors have in Common?


Too much cake being spent on health care and pensions.

First, rising health care and pension costs are draining funds from Detroit’s coffers and choking off R&D funding. Last year GM spent over $5.2 billion on medical benefits for over 1.1 million workers and retirees. That works out to over $1,400 per vehicle! There is more health care than steel in the cost of each GM vehicle sold. On top of that, GM made over $6.5 billion in pension contributions last year, and the firm supports three retirees for every current worker it employs.

Any of y'all mommas or daddies just retired?

Ya'll hear the yakin' about pension's That shit is type real!

Any free lancers out there, w/ no health care, when then you know
how expensive it can be when you gotta come outta pocket to pay for
health care.

The NFL is about to be put on notice.

Two major events happened last year.

[1] In January, a neuropathologist claimed that repeated concussions likely contributed to the November
suicide of the former Philadelphia Eagles player Andre Waters.

[2] Three weeks later, the former New England Patriots linebacker Ted Johnson not only revealed that his significant depression and cognitive decline had been linked by a neurologist to on-field concussions, but also claimed that his most damaging concussion had been sustained after his coach, Bill Belichick, coerced him into practicing against the advice of team doctors.

[3] Today I learned that the congress is holding hearings re the ex-players.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Congress will hear testimony June 26 from retired NFL players who contend the pension plan of the league and union is insufficient, especially for disabled ex-players.

''The NFL is a billion-dollar industry, and yet the players who built the league are too often left to fend for themselves,'' Rep. Linda Sanchez, D-Calif., chairwoman of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Commercial and administrative law, said in a statement announcing the hearings.

The hearings are the latest development in a yearlong dispute between a group of retired players and Gene Upshaw, executive director of the NFL Players Association.

You ask yourself, M.Dot. Why are you writing about this?

A. I like Ball.

B. Health and Pensions issues affect all of us.

C. What happens in teh NFL tends to be reflected in our lives.


Lawyers, Guns and Cash.



Anonymous said...

On the HBO concussion special, Nowinski admits he has white spots on his brain in MRI.
In his address to the MA brain injury meetings he states, "I got kicked in the chin" also on chronicle. One theory is, His repeated concussions from blows to the jaw have led to the white spots. Vasa spasms are commonly found in boxers, Andre Waters, soldiers and
are known precursors to Parkinson's, Alzheimers and brain decease.

Because of the similarity in chin strap design, Soldiers in Iraq with Multiple IED exposure are developing these Vasa spasms. Ted Johnson recently stated on WEEI in Boston, he does not have these white spots or Vasa spasms. He also said he wore the Maher mouth guard for all of his thirty concussion events. The question is, does this procedure protect against vasa spasms also.

Tufts is now forming a study to find out. Yet no contact from the NFL for funding, just a grant rejection letter from Gene Upshaw and others. Ira Casson, Vianno were all investigators on the Riddell revolution study program with Pellman. They are deliberately stonewalling the media, ESPN, HBO about what really happened and why
we no nothing more about preventing concussion than before the studies. No mention of Labyrinthine concussion or the Boxers "Glass Jaw". Even though its initial study confirmed 70% of concussions originated at the earhole down to the chin strap or TMJ. A study from 1934 on this area of the skull would lead one to the conclusion it should be protected, 2007 and they are still in the dark. I believe it was the basis for Stengers studies at Notre Dame in the 1960's.

Tufts is the pioneer of TMJ research and should be consulted on this. The NFL has a perfect opportunity to fund an independent study with them, yet we only get a stonewall and the silent treatment from Goodell and his people. One bright spot is the work of Mike Haynes. He has connected the mouth guard with the commissioner of the Arena football league. The owners, primarily NFL owners, have widely accepted the mouth guard and seem to be in the dark on the intricasies of the concussion committee's activities. It is Now the official mouth guard of the arena league and, at this point, won't be present at the Concussion summit in Chicago. Why?

M.Dot. said...

Who the hell ARRRRRe you?

For trill.

Vasa spasms are commonly found in boxers, Andre Waters, soldiers and
are known precursors to Parkinson's, Alzheimers and brain decease.
Thats the trill to the head sh-t.

It is Now the official mouth guard of the arena league and, at this point, won't be present at the Concussion summit in Chicago. Why?

neo said...


honestly its an embarrasment for a league that prides itself in showing up some kind of "good guy/stand up guy" image...

Goodell is focusing on cleaning up the league's image and ignoring one of thee most important sides of it, the vets...

@slushygutter said...

thanks for bringing light to Ted Johnson, who played his college ball here in CO. Helluva player, and his story is all too common.

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