Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Adult Gettogethers Rock!


This fly mural in was in the Mission also. Old boy goes
to work diligently.

Can't believe no one has shot a video here?

Friday night I hung out with the adults (hi j-sf) for the first
time in
helllllla weekends. I felt like a momma who finally
found a baby-sitter after being in
the house for months.

I went to a poets birthday gettogether (don't you love how
grown folks have getogethers?) and I called myself a writer.

For the purposes of engaging with other folks I tried to chat them
up about their work.

One conversation went like this:

Well what do you write about?

Hip Hop and Feminism!

Oh really? Well I don't know about hip hop but
I know about about feminism.

Oh. Its lots of fun talking about gender issues in hip hop.
For the record, the Mission, in 'Frisco, is Dope.

It reminds me of a more Mexicano Williams burg.

If it only took signs hanging out the our windows
to IMPACT housing decisions.

Thats that Zapatista sh*t right here. LOL.

Peep this flick of the Bay from tha Hills.

No wonder the real estate is so expensive.

That view is priceless.


When was the last time you went home?

And if you never moved away, why? <<

When was the last time you heard a real anthem?




the prisoner's wife said...

those murals are nice...at one point in my life i was obsessed with graffiti...i was the uber bgirl LOL

to answer your other question...

i am at home daily (lol) & i never really appreciated los angeles very much because it was so "normal" to me. i never really had much hometown pride (only hood pride) until i moved away. i recently started taking pics of LA...random ones, some are on the blog. i consider NYC home as well, and i used to take mad pics of bklyn & manhattan (chelsea).

moonrat said...

i just hope the mission still smells like the mission within five years from now.

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

i love the mission it's apart of my soul. my grandmother used to run a community street work center on 16th and mission back in the day, when it was nothing but hookers and pushers and old mexican hop heads...it was lovely.

In my twenties it was good for salsa dancing and bars that would later be coined as hipster spots that was just cheap drinking holes.

Today when I go back home I visit the Mission for the crepes at Ti Couz and Mexican food on the late night tip at El Farolitos.

I do miss home, I am due a trip!

M.Dot. said...

Alicia Vasquez said...

i just hope the mission still smells like the mission within five years from now.

My question is WHICH smell?

M.Dot. said...

community street work center on 16th and mission


This is the third time you have spoken about your grand mum and EVERY time you mention her I want to KNOW more.

She seemed like one of those cool ladies you could talk to when yo momma kicked you out for ________.


Alicia Vasquez said...

m.dot. said...

My question is WHICH smell?

the smell of human feces smeared all over the wet pavement.


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