Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Kanye's Good Life.


When I first heard this, I was like, how he get that Micheal sample cleared?

Think about it, you can count on one hand the number of hip hop artists that
have obtained permission to sample Micheal.

White background makes it crispy.

The other background makes him look like he is trapped in a Las Vegas
video game.

Still, glad there were no beach scenes. Sh*t gets played.


What is going to be the next video?

Drunk & Hot gurls hunh?

So obvious.

All that I am would be a hot pick though.



Evorgleb said...

We just reported on Highbrid Nation that Kanye is way ahead of 50 Cent in album sells. I gotta admit, I love Kanye's music but his arogance almost makes me want to see him fail.

M.Dot. said...

The arrogance..

Makes you HATE/LOVE 'em.

There is a distinction between this album and last album.

There was more tension between where he came from and where he was going.

Now its...I made it....and I spend to much...and no body can't tell me shit.

It so fits in with the american dream...its priceless.

If he never made his Katrina comment it would be difficult for me to ride for him.

However, as a Black man to come from his heart, off the cuff, it resonates with me till this day.

texas truth said...

It's killin' me that i can't place that Michael sample. I can hear "Ah baby, ah darlin'..." in my head, but can't remember if it's an "Off the Wall" or "Thriller" song, though the pic from Billie Jean in the video might be a hint.

She Hate Me said...


P.Y.T. sample.

By the way, have you purchased a KanYe album yet?

I can say, honestly, outside of Jay-Z and B.I.G., KanYe is the only artist who's ENTIRE discography I picked up on release date.

'Ye is 3 for 3 with me.

lightdigga said...

all i can say is:

i love complicated negroes.!.

M.Dot. said...


You reappear.

triple inside jokes galore.

M.Dot. said...

@ LD.

Don't we GET SPRUNG on complicated NEGROS.


T DOT said...

I reviewed graduation.
I'm open for criticism.
You're blogroll'd too fam.

Videos are covertly low budget now. Noticing?

'Ye is working with MJ on his comeback, so he blessed him with the clearance.

n*gga that's gooooooood business (c) HOV


that Rev. Yearwood situation needs your attention, GO IN.

the prisoner's wife said...

the vid looks like something Tribe would do. so colorful.

M.Dot. said...

'Ye is working with MJ on his comeback, so he blessed him with the clearance.

I KNEW IT. ***will always trust my copyright nose. Always.

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