Friday, September 28, 2007

The Cool Kids ARE Hip Hop.


Aren't the Cool Kids fresh? The remind me of Doom meets De La
in a 1989 fun house.


Don't you love that moment where you be like,
So and So still trynna rap?

That's hot.

They sound dope and their visuals look RIGHT.


Did yall know that I was a Beatnuts fan.
If anyone has
intoxicated demons can you, ahem, SHARE it with
I love that cd. I usta listen to it and go take pictures of
the graffiti at the yards off San Leandro Blvd
in Oakland.


Look at yo' boy getting that Dubai cake.

Washington entrepreneur Robert L. Johnson said he expects
to close soon on a $125 million private-equity buyout fund he
started with the Carlyle Group aimed at acquiring small- to
mid-size businesses.

A second phase to grow the same fund to about $300 million
should close by the end of the year, said Johnson, founder and
former chief executive of Black Entertainment Television.


I don't know how I feel about :::::: The Tila Tequila' show:

The last is the most titillating. It's called "A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila,"
and it sounds like "The Bachelorette" with a spicy twist. Since the former
Playboy model is bisexual, she's looking for love from a pool of 16 guys—
and 16 girls. Will she discover true happiness, or at the very least another
15 more minutes of fame?

Did you ever like Camp Lo?



She Hate Me said...

That's the EP.

That's the Instrumentals.

Say I don't do anything for you.

I dare you.

M.Dot. said...

Where you get INSTRUMENTALS?

Sooo sooo very happy.

New job.

New Music.


She Hate Me said...

Where you get INSTRUMENTALS?

Hey, you know, I do what I can do, when I can do it.

Glad to see somebody is starting their week off RIGHT.

M.Dot. said...

Got my mind right money right.....ready for war...the fact that imma be restin' that purrty lil birthday head in Dallas on thurs is Delish as well.


Aunt Jackie said...

i used to love me some camp lo, damn i'm glad to hear they are still around.

As for your girl Tila, one of my old collegues spear headed that project. She worked on the Bachelor back in teh day and although I am sorely underwhelmed by the content, what do you expect from a girl who is famous for being on Myspace?

M.Dot. said...

AJ....but the Tila...ummm that bisexual dating shit....imma haveto holler at the feministers...

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