Thursday, September 13, 2007

Kanye, "Give a Black Man a Chance."


Suffice it is to say that it is Kanye week here.

As you all have heard, Yeye was not happy with his
VMA moonman situation.


"Ya'll find Britney, get Britney."

"Give a Black man a chance. I'm trying hard man."


Black people LOOOOVE to tell someone to GO find someone.

It sounds so good coming out of his mouth with that
northern Alabama meets the Chi' accent.


Do you think Kanye's arrogance would be more acceptable
if he were a white artist? (thank you sj).



J!!! said...

ni respect the way kanye feels about him getin shut out. but 50 said it on ryan seacrest show, brittany sold 50 million records. kanye's def brilliant, but still its a no brainer for MTV for at least publicity sake to let britt perform first. either way the britt thing went, everyone would have been talkin. and its better cause him ranting and raving gave mtv more press, cause people have so much more to talk about. had everything went kanye's way no one would be tlakin about the awards, which happens every year.

kanye can sit down.

no one owes him anything.

M.Z. said...

Of course is arrogance would be more acceptable if he was white, but he's not too far away from that level of acceptance already. Let him make a song about his grievences and everybody loves him, but take the music away and it's a problem. People want these type of reactions from him.

BeautyinBaltimore said...

He is a crybabt but I still love him.

Illaim said...

^^^ Pulls out pen and co- signs m.z

I'm with 50 on this one to tho...Maybe is his fit of anger Ye forgot that Brit has sold 50 million copies

but Mr. is right ...MTV exploited the f*** out of Spears yo

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