Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Read a Book N*gga Video is Not Racist.


Why my daddy had to be the one to tell me about this this morning?

Ol' boy giving me blog material. NICCCCE!

I have allways wanted someone to do something like this song but it looks
like Notarapper beat me to it.

The beat is cool.

The hooks are funny.

And the song appeals to the 106 & Park demographic.

You know ? It reminds of It Takes a Nation '07.

When was the last time someone made a SONG that
had mass appeal and called Black people on they sh*t.

You got a sports page,
got a magazine
Get a book
My other favorite hook.
Your body needs water
so drink that shit
Buy some land
fuck spinning rims.
^^^ Revolutionary.

Sh*t is up there with Public Enemy, It Takes a Nation of Millions in my opinion.

They single handedly accomplished what Bill Cosby has been after all the time.

Can you imagine him, David Banner, Bill Cosby and Al on a panel in BK.



You think its over the top?

Why or why not?



the prisoner's wife said...

i first heard this song on BET of all places. i was LMAO! i couldn't believe that 1)somebody MADE this song, and 2)the negroes @ BET actually PLAYED it (considering how ironic it is).

when i heard this i REALLY, REALLY, REALLY wanted to play it for my students, but surely if my AP walked in, my ass would be black history. but it's definitely something they need to hear & not just think it's funny.

that's some real talk for that arse!

(btw: i woulda thought u heard this mad long ago...daddy had to put you on, eh? that's hip hop)

M.Dot. said...


I ain't been watching tv since the move.

You know Imma hummingbyrd and cain't sit still.

The irony to IS THAT BLACK PARENTS DON'T like it.

Apparently they were CNN complaining the other night.

My first questions:
1. Are they boogie?

2. Can their kids read?

3. Do they have a problem with the other material shown on BET in general?

4. Can they suggest an alternate way of reaching younging's who don't give a FUCK about reading.

I swear. Its like the BLACK pop culture moment of the year.

Self Help, Lil John Adlibs, and black il/literacy all rolled into one song.

Can't beat that shit with a stick.

Black Middle Class makes my ass itch too.

Anonymous said...

I think they gave it major play on "The 5ive". Damn, Alesha Renee is wifey status, anyways.

One song. Multiple positive messages. Unapologetic in tone.

A parody yet educational in the same breath.

The kids need stuff like this.

Sometimes you can't see that you got something on the side of your mouth, without looking at a mirror.

And of course, someone will take it the wrong way. And will scrutinize it when it's looked upon from a different racial standpoint.

From the SAME standpoint tho, and hatin' on it? smh. It could be an age range thing too. Who was on CNN 30,40-somethings? This wasn't aimed at them. (Maybe the raise your kids line.)

But WE get it. Some of us NEED THIS. And isn't that what matters?

M.Dot. said...

Naww. Cuz.

Negros got too many shame issues.

They need to have some my baby can't read and got new rims issues.


We don't like being criticized in public, yet, we steady be supplying the material.

Read the comments on Youtube.

Very interesting.

Sometimes the comments tell you more than the work itself.

Anonymous said...

Are they boogie?
You mean bougie?(bourgeois)

And no it's not over the top. I'm at work right now and this guys phone started playing "Shorty" and the two little kids (both under 5) stop what their doing and start singing along.

I bet this is their response to balance the heat from Hot Ghetto Mess (We got to do better).

I'm glad BET aired it, but I'm shocked that they did air it.

I wonder Viacom's reasoning behind it.

M.Dot. said...

M to tha zizzzo.

BOO JEE is what I meant.


I'm at work right now and this guys phone started playing "Shorty" and the two little kids (both under 5) stop what their doing and start singing along.

I wonder Viacom's reasoning behind it.

Dame said...

The song is cool...I just don't know about the video in all of its "Gorrila" like glory..

I will say this ...this song reminded me just how powerful hooks are I incurred the STRONG urge to BUY SOME LAND after numourous repetitions..

gotta start somewhere....

neo said...

I like the song everything about it is intentional and puts the point across.

They ain't gotta like it, the truth sometimes does that to folk.

M.Dot. said...



Wesley Verhoeve said...

totally agreed. i think this is today's way to reach people with a message. if the kids are singing along to it, it's working

Anonymous said...

i don't normally watch tv, but i was at the barbershop when this came on a month ago on Rap City and everybody just STOPPED. shit left cats dyyyying.
the visual cue of guns shooting out books was hella funny, but i think it goes over the top when he starts talking about deodorant. it's one thing to talk about getting educated, but calling cats stinky? a little hurt.
i think the most important thing is \where/ this message gets delivered. it means something entirely different on BET than on eBaum's world, it's like it's alright if cats're laughing at themselves but once a white person calls something a "We Got to Do Better moment" the shit loses its authenticity.

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

i'm not feeling dude at all, and i'm not feeling BET as usual. connery and bafoonery never made anyone read a book, nor did a rap song.

he's using a real educational travesty to go platinum...

nope not feeling it at all!

listening to him talk about how on purpose the images and cursing were for the publicity was a huge turn off for me

M.Dot. said...

Really AJ?

I thought the notion of hip hop bootstrapping would be within our realm of acceptability.

You ARE infact, consistent on your NO BET rule, so thats dope.

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