Sunday, September 09, 2007

Doom is Different.


Doom is nuts.

Why is your boy paying other people to perform for him?

Though unverified accounts of "fake" Doom shows have been swirling for a couple years, the critically beloved rapper usually does justice to his brilliant studio catalog in concert. Schwab, for one, says Doom's performance on the same stage two years earlier was one of the best he'd seen.

But this guy was a joke.

"I went up to the sound guy about two songs deep and said, 'No one can hear Doom's mic.' He looked at me and said straight-up, 'I know. His mic's not on, and that's not MF Doom.' "

Having performed only a handful of songs, whoever it was abruptly ended his set and fled the stage; attendees booed and tossed water bottles. Doom's scheduled Independent show the next night was also canceled, as were the seven remaining dates on his tour.

Even club co-owner Allen Scott doesn't seem entirely sure what happened. "I watched the show, but I didn't see him personally," he says. "He walked [into the building] with his mask on—that's how he always does it. I can't say for certain whether it was him or not."

The concert seems to have inspired a full-scale Internet mutiny among Doom fans. Incensed YouTubers point to clips from his July 29 Rock the Bells show at Randall's Island as evidence of egregious lip-synching. Fans at his August 12 show in Los Angeles make the same charge— one even put up a Craigslist post headlined, "MF Doom Show Was Fake." (Few attendees at either gig accuse him of not actually showing up, however.)

Who does MTV have in mind with "Dances from the Hood?"
I was happy to see that a Brown lady was the focal point.

But it was boring and simply hard to watch.

I kept waiting for "something" to happen.

I would rather watch someone GO to the hood and ask people
to do the damn dances.

That sh*t would be hilarious.


The Yonce for Armani.



This sh*t is enough to make you cry on a pay day Friday.
A pregnant woman stabbed another pregnant woman to death at a Long Island homeless shelter where both women were staying with their children, the Suffolk County police said yesterday. The victim’s fetus also died. The two women were eight months pregnant, and had been quarreling for some time, but it was unclear why, according to the police.

Bob Morris, of the Times is JUST as neurotic as I am.

He talks about being shook, and hiding out because he has been invited to an
island in New England and he fears running into members of the offended parties.

Checking a reservations list, I was relieved to find myself in the clear. But later, getting an ice cream on the island’s small village green felt like being in highly exclusive enemy terrain, and I walked with head down and turned in fear from each passing station wagon.

In the church thrift store where space is tight (and the clothes irresistible) I hid behind racks with my heart pounding as each shopper entered.

“Why is the idea of a confrontation so upsetting to you?” my host asked.

I’m not sure. Clearly, issues remain unresolved, many because of my own guilt. But who doesn’t sometimes mortally fear the prospect of running into someone? You didn’t return a call or read a manuscript. You didn’t accept an invitation to be a friend on Friendster. A romance or business combusted. You wrote something on your blog that offended.[priceless]. Someone stole your client.


Sherrie Shepard is joining The View.
I thought she was the Lady who usta be on Eve's show.

But, I wasn't sure so I had to check.

So, you know my compulsive a*s had to imdb Eve's show,
find the cast. I determine that it WASN'T Sherrie Shepperd,
but Natalie Desselle.

There is something I have always liked about her.

She has some, Jennifer Hudson- Dream Girls action popping off.

If you catch her. Watch. She is bound to shine.

She just need a role thats RIGHT.


Open Thread.

Let me hear from you fam.

Tell me something good.



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M.Dot. said...

Boombap lives.

She Hate Me said...


Was that good enough?

I'm talking to you on AIM right now, so nothing remotely interesting to say up here.


M.Dot. said...

Yeah okay. n*gga.

Anonymous said...

Yonce likes ugly purses, apparently.

She Hate Me said...

Why do I have to be a n*gga?

Sarcasm at it's finest!

Anonymous said...

The doom story is dope... why? Because as a nerd and comic head (entire closet full of them in the crib) I remember the original Doom from Marvel screwing with the minds of several good guys and good girls (...) by using clones to disguise his true where abouts... awesome.

Now the capitalist in me is like... if he can successfully pull it off he can perform in multiple venues, pay the doppelgangers a small percentage and cake up. I'm sure he's already thinking this. All he has to do is buy more jawbreakers for the clones to simulate his marble mouth flow.

Anonymous said...

Man I saw that Beyonce commercial so many times while watching a
Different World on friday, I dont even know how I feel about it.

Sherrie Shepard is pretty funny. If anything she'll be a positive black voice on tv. She's been on a lot of cancelled ABC shows, if i remember right.

As for me, life is good. Eager to check out that new ipod and put some stuff together for my girls birthday.

M.Dot. said...

Man I saw that Beyonce commercial so many times while watching a
Different World on friday, I dont even know how I feel about it.

Why were you watching a different world?

Anonymous said...

I happened to turn the channel to it bout 2 hours for work and got sucked in to it. Mainly cuz I didn't even know I had the channel it was on. But also they were playing a good story arc,

And I liked that show back in the day!!

But it came on every single commerical break. I saw like 3 different edits of it.

M.Dot. said...

***looks at you sideways.

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