Sunday, September 16, 2007

Did 50 Snitch On Vick?


Give the video a few minutes.
Shit is delish after about 30 seconds.

***Coma. I almost had an asthma attack.

"Figure out what the f*ck you want
then f*ck with me."

"Put all the meat in the bag."
My favorite part is:

" Im sniiiiitchinnnn."
"You ain't got no endorsements."


F*k watchu going thru.
Japanese Mommas get THEY cake after washing dishes and doing the laundry.
Since the credit crisis started shaking the world financial markets this summer, many professional traders have taken big losses. Another, less likely group of investors has, too: middle-class Japanese homemakers who moonlight as amateur currency speculators.

Ms. Itoh is one of them. Ms. Itoh, a homemaker in the central city of Nagoya, did not want her full name used because her husband still does not know. After cleaning the dinner dishes, she would spend her evenings buying and selling British pounds and Australian dollars.

When the turmoil struck the currency markets last month, Ms. Itoh spent a sleeple ss week as market losses wiped out her holdings. She lost nearly all her family’s $100,000 in savings.

Yo. If we start seeing japanese mommas coming up missing, we will have a motive. You can't BE losing the family savings moms.

And for the record, pops can't be gambling that sh*t away either.


I saw the History of Violence 2.5 times. David Chronenberg is back with
Eastern Promises.
He has been added to my list artists who's sh*t I peep JUST because they made it. No other motivation necessary.
Theirs is a trust forged a film ago on the set of the 2005 film “A History of Violence,” in which Mr. Mortensen played an average American dad, a man who turns out to be something more baleful. “Eastern Promises” feels like a relocated companion piece to that movie, another film about colliding tribes and shifting identities.
Colliding tribes? That is SO withing the realm of


Ahhhh. Testimony from a friend who validates my theory the education is expensive and always will be. Furthermore, the sooner we understand that the sooner we can move closer to closing the 3rd grade reading gap.

Still, many say the price is worth it. In his two-year master’s program in science technology and environmental policy from the University of Minnesota Craig Nelson had $35,000 in loans. Now, he works in regulatory affairs at the 3M Company.

“Without the degree, I wouldn’t have the job,” he said. “So even though I’ll be paying the loan for 10 years, it was a good move for me.”

Getting into the business of offering these degrees can be a good move for universities, too, with some that have traditionally focused only on undergraduate students now entering the master’s market. The California State University system, for example, has introduced many new applied master’s degrees and is expanding its master’s of business administration programs.

I am pro-young girls playing sports largely because it
them to view their bodies as something that
is strong, powerful and human. This notion counters
the "everyone needs to be a top/model video vixen"
message that our young bucks are fed on the regular.

In high school I play on the girls’ varsity basketball and soccer teams. I practice just about every day. If I’m not doing soccer, I’m doing basketball. Sometimes it’s double: two soccer practices a day, or basketball and soccer. I’m at soccer most of the summer. I have soccer camp in the morning, then we have soccer practice with my travel team. It’s five hours, six hours a day a lot of the time.

There was a soccer tournament about a year ago, a single-elimination state cup game, but my team was losing. Me and my sister were playing on the same team, Bayside Chelsea, and we were down about 2-0 with three minutes to go. Me and my sister were like, O.K., we had a good run. All of a sudden my sister scored two goals. We went into a forced overtime, won two penalties and won the game. We always knew where each other was, where to pass the ball. We could kind of read each other’s minds.

We always knew where each other was, THAT kind of chemistry is priceless.


Hold UP. Dudes are wrestling IN THE PARKS in NY for CASH? Tha' f*ck part of the game is that?
Since my mom is divorced and unemployed, she has her hands full with my younger sister, who is 15, and my baby sister, who was born in 2004. I helped her out with the rent. It was around $900 a month. I would make $400 and change. I paid $300 for rent and $100 for groceries.

Right now, my dad is in prison. I really don’t know why, but what they told me is that they found him with a big amount of drugs.

I looked up to him. Half of my morals I got from him. He was a hard-working man, sweet and kind, and he had a good heart. If anybody on the block needed food or money or anything, it didn’t matter if he had to pay bills the next week, he gave it to them.

He’s been locked up for the past four years in upstate New York. I don’t know where exactly. I visited him two years ago. That’s when I got the courage to be the man of the house, because no one else was present at the time.

I’m into freestyle wrestling. It’s been my passion since I was little. I started when I was 8. I like the adrenaline. I love the attention and I love seeing the smiles. The sport at first seems brutal and the people violent and unprofessional, but when you train for it, you learn that it’s all about finesse and precision and that it’s a very serious sport. There’s also acting involved. They call me Vargas. I’m part of a tag-team called SPIC. It’s an acronym for Spanish Political International Cartel.

Wrestling is Huge.


"Here dad was probable a lawyer.

They're all lawyers

When I go to a lot of people’s houses, I just notice how big the house is, the number of antiques and expensive stuff they have, and I just compare that to my own house. My family owns a two-family building in Riverdale, and we rent out the top two floors. My room is filled with “Pirates of the Caribbean” posters, Harry Potter posters and bookshelves. In the rest of the house, we have a lot of Asian stuff.

But the friends I have who are really wealthy don’t really show it. I think that’s like a sensitive issue or something that we all kind of ignore. But there are people who everyone knows is wealthy and who volunteer their houses.

One house I was in, she had the hugest kitchen and so many different hallways and a pet chinchilla and a huge TV. There was a lot of art on the wall, a lot of marble tables and counters, a lot of mirrors, a lot of carpets, fancy-looking furniture. Her dad was probably a lawyer. They’re all lawyers.

The junior-senior party a couple years ago was at someone’s grandmother’s house. And as soon as you walked in there was this huge painting, and it was apparently really expensive and the artist was apparently really famous. It might have been van Gogh.

Class, cake and the Upper East Side.



You can feel the energy bouncing off the computer screen.

God. I heart hip hop.


Didn't that crowd at the 50 show seem amped?

Is it the song or him?

Can you believe that the aforementioned teenager wrestles in Parks
for cash?

Did you find the cartoon hilarious?

What would you do if you found out your wife/husband gambled/
invested and lost THE FAMILY savings?



Anonymous said...

It was the song. They could have thrown a baboon on stage to rock it and the crowd still would have went nuts. I guess you could say that IS what they did.

Yeah, I can believe it.

I found the FIRST cartoon hilarious. Laughed throughout. "I'm snitchinnnnn'"

How may years can you get for murderin' a dumb m'fucka?

the prisoner's wife said...

lmao @ "i'm snitchin...."

i told my students that the first day of school. I'M A SNITCH!

i told them, "i'm from around the way, i expect you all to succeed in my class & in life, i will work with you, you have my respect, everyone is starting with an A, and, oh...don't do shit you don't want told to the administration cuz i'm a snich!"

then i went into my story of how i caught these kids tryna burn up the hallway outside my room & gave them my mean look and said...DON'T TRY ME!

this whole Stop Snitchin thing is getting annoying.

but anyway...damn @ wrestling in the park for money.

and HELL YEAH education is expensive!! i'm in the hole about 62k for 6 years of schoolin. i will be giving Sallie Mae my checks for the next 25 years...damn! lmao

M.Dot. said...

i will be giving Sallie Mae my checks for the next 25 years.

Sallie Mae.


Student Loan S'press.

All them.

Just bend over.

Vanilla Vaseline!

M.Dot. said...

They could have thrown a baboon on stage to rock it and the crowd still would have went nuts

Are you sincurre?

Anonymous said...

How you gonna use the video and not cite the source? Dag, SJ gets mad shoutouts while I get slighted...

Yes, I'm hatin'.

Anonymous said...

The wrestling story caught me totally off-guard. Wow.

And the title of the girl's article was bonkers.

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