Monday, September 10, 2007

My 9/11 Story.


I am a delayed stress kind of person.

Meaning that, when a crisis
occurs*, I go through it and
make it to the other side.

Then I collapse after the fact.

Call it an East Oakland survival mechanism.
I dealt
with 9/11 the same way.

The bug out is that, this is my first Non-NY 9/11.

Honestly, the memorial/anniversary of the event never
bugged me out too much.

In fact, you know what it was? The sight of those two glowing
lights in the sky is what usta have me shook.

I would be walking down the street a couple days after
Labor Day and boom, the lights would be up.

No warning, no announcement, no nothing.

It is a magnificent sight that can be seen from all 5 boroughs.

The most harrowing aspect of this time of year
is how the sky is always so clearly blue and the air is crispy.

Being on the west coast now, I have an understanding of how
people could perceive the event from the outside looking in.

Its like how people view drive by's from outside hood.

You never know the violence 'till you live through it.

The thing that I will never forget about that incident
is the fact that I went to the Whole Foods on 24th street.

Getting off the C train, I will never forget the smell
of burnt buildings, burnt air planes, burnt flesh, smoldering
gas and the sight of embers flakes floating in the air.

On a personal note, I think that my relationship w/ BBC never
REALLY recovered from 9/11.

I think there was a part of him that felt that one day I could walk
out the door and that something terror related could happen,
and I wouldn't make it back.

Oh. I am leaving out an important fact.

I was on my way to brunch w/ tha Leo Supreme that fateful
September morning.

So I guess it is reasonable to see how a dude could be concerned
over his lady walking out the door and never coming back.

*Most of the time.


9/11. 6 years later.

Did 9/11 affect you or did you see
it as business as usual?


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