Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Thick Women Rock!


I like the fact that J hud is getting some shine.

Jill Scott as well.

Add America Fererra.

The William Sisters too.

Callie Torres
(from Greys Anatomy.)

None of these women are size fours.

And even tho' I have always been a lil' bit-a-something,
as a feminist I understand the importance of having
a RANGE of body images repped in the media.

This came to mind when all that Britney sh*t popped off.

She is a 26 year old mother of two. Of course she may have a
momma pouch. Sh*t. Mommas get 'em.

Does that absolve her of being criticized for wearing
an out fit that WASN'T the most flattering.
Not really.

BUT the media's, and the fans overt, critical response
to the way that she looked was disproportional to what
she DID and reminded me
of how fans perceived Lauryn Hill fans.

Notice how men swoll up as the they hit them 30's,
but WE DON"T criticism about that shit.

Remember Timbaland? He had chimpmonk cheeks supreme.

LL? Before the lipo abs?

Am I missing anyone?

Even my Mr. Illmatic himself looks a little chubby in the cheeks.
Smoke good/eat good?

Speaking of Jill Scott.

Did you see her interview in last months Essence by Terry McMillan.

Damn, that woman can write.

I have watched her perform on all those award shows, all gussied
up and sexy and making a statement that says, Hey, yes, I'm sexy and tall and not a size zero and proud of every inch of it. Here, take a look

...Jill Scotts style is organic: sometimes its tastes rich
chocolate and sometimes she has to pour that vinegar
straight from the bottle. Because she has to and we
need her to, which is why we respond personally to
the stories she sings....

...Her music is the fusion of many genres....and the way
she allows her melodies and lyrics and even the politics
of love, the freedom to fall into or out of grace, is
Scott's very own stamp pad.

....I am so tired of folks who feel compelled to categorize
and compare. Jill Scott is Jill Scott. And thats plenty.

TM: Lets get the painful or sad business out the way because
I don't want to focus on your marriage and the end of it and
all that, I hate endings.

JS: I want it all addressed.


TM: Oh Lord, do you ever get angry?
JS: If I hadn't got in touch with my anger, I would never
been able to talk away from my marriage.
TM: Well join the club.
JS: I put icing on many places that were wounded. I put icing on them so
they looked good and tasted pretty and all that. But really
didn't deal with those things till I had no choice but to deal
with what was going
on in my marriage.



Salt and Pepa have a show.

I hope it isn't like watching a train wreck.


Knowing our friends at VH1.........
Salt is angry about being unappreciated when they were together and Pepa blames Salt for breaking up the group. Their lifestyles are also polar opposites: Salt has indeed found God and is living a quiet life in Long Island with her husband while Pepa is still the party girl and desperately wants to re-capture the glamour of Salt-N-Pepa’s glory days. [Madonna Whore Anyone?] Can they overcome their differences long enough to heal their friendship and perform again?


I need more People.

Chemerinsky got his job back!

UC Irvine's chancellor tried to salvage the reputation of his fledgling law school Monday by announcing that he had reinstated Erwin Chemerinsky as its founding dean, but his own troubles persisted as faculty members continued to question why he had sacked the liberal scholar and contemplated taking action against their university's leader.

The agreement with Chemerinsky, made five days after the deanship was rescinded, came after Chancellor Michael V. Drake and his wife flew to Durham, N.C., over the weekend so the two men could speak face to face.
Guess a Black man, had to protect his neck.


Did I miss any thick mommas?

Am I off on my Britney analysis?

Will you go see the Sex in the City just to support Jennifer?

***cues.....baby got back.



The Minority Reporter said...

I absolutely LOVED that Jill Scott interview. I heart Jilly from Philly. I was watching Block Party the other day for the umpteenth time and I love to hear her response to the comparisions of E. Badu "Have you seen ME perform :::chuckle chuckle" GO JILL!

I could so care less about the extra pounds Brit put on...she looked okay to me (weight wise) but you just don't go to work and do a half assed job and expect your employer to want you back the next day. That performance was HORRIBLE to say the least. I understand the whole feminist theory and discrimination in the work place esp towards mothers...but this ain't it. Lauryn and Brittany...step ya game up!

the prisoner's wife said...

being that i am a 'thick' mommy of 1, i'm glad we getting some shine. i'm happy that the not-so-skinny women know how to rock it. there is a difference between thick and sloppy...whether you are a 12 or 22. holla.

(side note...i lost 20lbs this summer, looking to drop 20 more!...don't EVER want to be skinny, brick house is sexy!)

the brittney thing...she just seemed out of it, but your analyisis isn't incorrect. people love to bring you down. i WISH my belly looked as small after having 2 kids back to back (allbeit her outfit didn't help her cause).

& although i love me some sex & the city...watching 4 middle-aged white women talk about sex will get a little old. with that said i'll probably go see if to support J. Hud AND my boyfriend (nyc). i loved how slick that show made the city look.

Illaim said...

1. Ummm if the rumors aren't true... and i held height and weight comparable to a NFL linebacker... I holler at Queen Latifia. lol ... besides her ..I cant think of anybody off top. Oh...even tho she's for the kids...Raven Simone.

Woah I dunno If its Just a bad as the Lauren Hill thing. I'm trying to stack my karma so I wont delve into any descriptive musings about her "appearance" but can definitly lend credence to some people views about her display of self.

As for Britney.... I would say i dont understand people, but sadly I do and there molded opinions of idiocy. When I saw Brittney’s performance, I thought ...damn MTV is evil, America eats its young, even its super affluent, famous abet exploited ones, but after viewing her body my thing was "whats the big (no pun) deal?" Her body was cool, not for that outfit, but her frame looked very ________ to me.

The problem is the outrageous standards of beauty that are imposed upon women in our society, which display one version of "perfection" that people literally die trying to attain.

I feel for all of the little girls seeing how the media treated Brittany for this.

3. **** no.. I've never watched an episode and will continue to boycott the movie lol

Sportaphile said...

Thank you for giving me a new celebrity girlfriend, I had never heard of Callie Torres.

She will be mine...

Aunt Jackie said...

I think the most beautiful thing about Callie Torres is what she said in response to the scene she did in season two dancing in her underware. She said that she'd put on twenty pounds and Shonda (Rhimes) wrote that scene in and basically told her to wiggle it...and she did.

I'm medium thick, not quite a as thick as a milk shake, but not low fat either. I'm trying to do the tighten up, but mostly cuz I like jocks:-)

M.Dot. said...

Sportaphile said...

Thank you for giving me a new celebrity girlfriend, I had never heard of Callie Torres.

She will be mine...

Ain't she bad as f*ck?

Its them eyes.

M.Dot. said...

I'm trying to stack my karma

Me too blood.

Me to.

Greasy takes its toll.

M.Dot. said...

Lauryn and Brittany...step ya game up!

You talking sh*t i see.

M.Dot. said...

She said that she'd put on twenty pounds and Shonda (Rhimes) wrote that scene in and basically told her to wiggle it...and she did.

I remember seeing that.

Wasn't it the episode when Old boy caught her LIVING in the hospital.

THAT shit was hella fresh.

Brandon said...

I know I'm late as all hell...but here's my 2 pesos.

Thick chick you missed...Alicia Keys. She was looking so thick and delicious at the VMAs. I'm glad that she put on some weight. Yum...

But speaking of the VMAs...the reason I talked about Britney was not becasue of how she looked (she looked good for 2 kids and not having been on stage in years) but for WHAT she wore. If she looked like that then just wear something that flatters your body. Simple. Oh and the fact that she preformed horribly. If you want to seriously come back then you need to work hard. And to me it didn't look like she was in to seriously coming back...

M.Dot. said...

.the reason I talked about Britney was not becasue of how she looked (she looked good for 2 kids and not having been on stage in years) but for WHAT she wore.

Majority of folks DID not make that distinction.

kold_kadavr_ flatliner said...

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