Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Black Man, Gary King jr., Gets Shot in the Back and Out Comes the Soft Bigotry in the SF Chronicle.


The police shot a Black man in the back in North Oakland last week.

According to the facts, he resisted arrest, he was tasered, continued
to move
and was later found to have a gun.

The good old folks in the SF Chronicle comments section have revealed their

soft bigotry.

Mainly, I found it interesting that NO ONE brought up the point that
perhaps the police officer WAS trigger happy and abused his discretion.

According to their rationale, if you resist arrest, and have a gat
on you, then its Okay for Popo to shoot you in the back.

Constitution anyone? Is anyone here familiar with the level of
force that a police officer is allowed to use in a situation such
as this? There has to be some law enforcement readers out there.

Back to the case at hand.
Do the Oakland Police have a tough job? Damn right.
They are over worked and underpaid. I give them that.

Some are decent stand up individuals. OTHERS deserve whats coming
to them. [Full disclosure, my brother ran from them Dec 28, 2003,
the caught him
hand cuffed him to a fence and BEAT him, they

broke two teeth and a flashlight over his head......].

Back to the this incident.
My understanding of criminal law, there is NO assertable defense to
resisting arrest. Meaning, if PoPo wants to arrest you.

Let them. Because if your behavior can be construed as resistance,
@ssed out figuratively AND literally.

Popo is given long discretion in this realm.

The parents of the slain man want the police officer investigated

and charged with murder. Many of the readers at the Chron think
that its incredulous and that we should
be HAPPY that this
"THUG" "SCUM" is dead.

Why was the son carrying a gun? Why didn't the parents do a better job at raising his child to work within the conscripts of the law? Maybe the Police Officer did use excessive force. Why don't the citizens of Oakland get up in a furor over the civilians that shoot others (meaning, why don't you witnesses come forward?).
There is a WHOLE lot to unpack in this one. But wait there is more.

If the guy doesn't want to be shot at by police he should not be resisting arrest and running around with a loaded gun! Both these actions are threatening. It's easy to fault a cop for using his gun when you're sitting there in an armchair in front of the TV, but Sgt. Gonzales is putting his own life on the line every day to keep the city safe from criminals such as Gary King Jr., who clearly was up to no good, walking around with concealed firearm.

How does having a fire arm equate to being up to "no good."

What about the White Male fascination with fire arms? What about the cultures, at large fascination with fire arms? Halo 3 anyone?
Gary King Jr is a criminal. Hmmmm, he's wanted for questioning in the death of another and when contacted, he's carrying a firearm and resists arrest? I don't care if he was shot in the back, the officer has a right to go home to his family at the end of his shift.


Period point blank.

Can you please keep them off my jury and away from my

Do they teach? Are they in a position of authority.

Because that sentiment is so loaded and telling.

Man if y'all think I'm paranoid now, I more 'noid after
reading these ^^^ statements.

AND THEN. 115 some odd comments later, a sane head

ricky_tan wrote:

The sad part is the majority of people on here posting has never had 2 cops pointing .45's at their heads for no reason at all but everybody seems to be an expert. Hmm....

Don't you love it when someone cuts right to the chase.
Its as if presuming that the POPO ain't lying is a privilage of
being a soft bigot.

It's bugged that so few people acknowledged how subjective
"resisting arrest" may be. I guess thats why THEY THOUGHT
CRASH was powerful. If you are Black you either have had
popo f*cking with you OR with some male relative in your fam.

Furthermore, whether or not he was resisting arrest is subjective.
Y'all remember those two lawyers
that got beat by Popo this
past summer.
The two lawyers that were observing
the police BEAT another young black person.

Well-known human rights attorney Michael Tarif Warren, and his wife Evelyn (also a lawyer), were driving down Brooklyn’s Vanderbilt Avenue when they spotted a Black youth being chased by cops across a McDonald’s parking lot. [The youth was later identified as Latino—WW]

The youngster was tackled to the ground and handcuffed, when the Warrens saw a Sgt. Talvy begin kicking him in the head, the ribs, and stomping on his neck.

The two attorneys stopped their car, walked within 10 feet of the beating, identified themselves as lawyers, and told the cops to stop beating the youth and simply take him to the nearest precinct.

The sergeant’s response was to shout, “I don’t give a f - - k who you are. Get the f - - k back in your car!”

The Warrens returned to the car, where Michael began to write down notes of what he saw and the license plate numbers of the cop cars present.

While this is anecdotal evidence it is evidence nonetheless,
of abuses of force
used by, and tolerated within police departments.

I get the feeling, from reading those comments, that they are
just a hair
away from calling him a dead n*gger. I presume
these writers are NOT Black. I wonder how they would feel
THEY were Black, or if it was their son that was killed by
a police officer.


Tori Amos is right up there w/ Fiona Apple in my book. I have
all the FeFe jawns, but I don't have any Tori's.

Yet and still, the folks over at ALLHIPHOP got a piece up
on here.
Tonedeff and Kathy Iandoli writes:
One of the big corners of my life is Public Enemy’s Fear the Black Planet. Nobody would know that was the inspiration behind Little Earthquakes; but it was. That’s the truth. [laughs] Energetically, this is a woman fighting for her soul and they were fighting for their souls. You know what we should do that would be kind of crazy? It would be fun to see what three Hip-Hop songs I can cover on this tour. Maybe we should have them vote them in, and then you can be like, that’s a good idea but ah no! It needs to be these three. And please, softly, pull out the big artillery and I really want you guys to think that I can’t do it. I want those to be the ones that I do. I want them. Don’t jerk off with me.
Tori doing a hip hop jawn. Ummm. It depends.

Tori and Yeye on some Eminem and Dido type sh*t?



N*ggas is dying, and they on Capital Hill Testifying.

What a waste of time.

When they start talking shit about POP culture at LARGE or
about Large Corporations complicitness with the violence
in pop culture, THEN it will be relevent.

DO I have to break out my Bell Hooksian sh*t A-GIN?
To white dominated mass media, the controversy over gangsta rap makes great spectacle. Besides the exploitation of these issues to attract audiences, a central motivation for highlighting gangsta rap continues to be the sensationalist drama of demonizing black youth culture in general and the contributions of young black men in particular.

To see gangsta rap as a reflection of dominant values in our culture rather than as an aberrant "pathological" standpoint does not mean that a rigorous feminist critique of the sexist and misogyny expressed in this music is not needed. Without a doubt black males, young and old, must be held politically accountable for their sexism. Yet this critique must always be contextualized or we risk making it appear that the behaviors this thinking supports and condones,--rape, male violence against women, etc.-- is a black male thing.
Until then.

STFD<<<<<-----Who is gonna figure out that lil' dilly? Was Universal's CEO/CFO there? Um. Yes he was. AND HE IS SO F*CKING GULLY. DUDE, took the opportunity to TALK ABOUT LIMEWIRE and illegal downloading.
Now thats what I call remaining focused.

Bronfman also noted the power of the Internet, the ability to view files on new devices and pleaded with the committee to help stop the spread of piracy instead of censoring lyrics.

"Ninety percent of the music we release has nothing to do with rap music," said Morris, CEO of Universal Music Group, which recently released blockbuster albums by Kanye West and 50 Cent. "What I am angry about is the fact that the music business is being destroyed by criminal behavior and no one is addressing that. Our business is being destroyed by criminals. If you put on LimeWire, all of our songs are taken for free. Tower Records, hundreds of record stores, are closing down."

Way to rise to the occasion, no?

That being said, Rush needs to
sit his @ss down and drink some Kool-Aid.


THINK imma make soft bigot t-shirts/ stamps and

start passing them b*tches out.

Is Popo outta
pocket for SHOOTING him in the back,
that he in FACT resisted arrest?



the prisoner's wife said...

1. yes...make a t-shirt, make a poster, make an effin you tube video!

2. YES they were out of line. shooting someone in the back says to me they weren't threatening you in any way. when there is a fatal police shooting, my question is always...why didn't you shoot dude in the legs or some place non-lethal? they ARE supposed to be able to aim, right?

and i can't get into the whole legal debate. i'm iffy on the whole justice system, just by virtue of the shit that has/is going on in my life.

M.Dot. said...

I feels you ma.

I feels you.

Soft Bigots.

Worse than a soft ____. <<<---Greasy minded.

neo said...

Ol boy shouldn't have resisted arrest doe, police encounter 101...

but dang, shooting him in the back? Did he reach for his weapon? No one asked these questions? I dunno man..I'm just tired, from folk going at McNabb for having talked about the "little extras" black qb's gotta do to this? This country is so race imbalanced it ain't even funny and for an immigrant like myself its quite telling of the nature of eurocentric folk.

White privilege is a beast...and I would really love someone to talk about it in various contexts...publish essays and papers. Honestly.

TCakez said...

After Laronte Studesville as well as Gary King Jr I tell my brother and my cousins to please do not resist these cops, if they got you they got you. No sudden moves, keep your hands in plain view and do everything they ask you to do with no complaints or back talk.

These cops are not playing around or giving the benefit of the doubt. They are shooting first and worrying about questions later.

jpollard said...

Tori Amos - "Spark" son. You need to check it out.

Anonymous said...

This shit has just pissed me off.
Got me in a real "Hate whitey" mood right now.

Anyway, an officer's authority is almost limitless. Honestly. They are almost always given the benefit of the doubt. The officer should be prosecuted for killing a man without being in immediate danger, but an officer's out is saying, "I was in fear for my life." That shit gets them a "get out of jail free" card every time.

WHICH is why my momma taught me from jump to stay away from white police officers and never resist arrest. Because them m'fuckas are lookin' for ANY reason to bust a cap in your ass.

@ prisoner's wife, the police are taught to shoot to kill because it's assumed that if they're using their weapon, that the use is warranted. The problem is when you get these rodeo white boys who are just "a'itchin' to kill a nigger".

Anonymous said...

"I would really like to write that down, I’ll find it. You don’t have to send me a copy. I’ll buy it."


Tori Amos gets a standing invitation to the Christmas party.

M.Dot. said...


Where in the f*ck you been?

How you been blood?

I miss your old crankety ass.

And your born day coming up.

My hot @ss is going to Texas.

How is wifey?

M.Dot. said...

The problem is when you get these rodeo white boys who are just "a'itchin' to kill a nigger".

National Day of Kill-a-Nigga Awareness.

Anonymous said...

Obey the freaking law and the police won't shoot your ass!

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